As you may know there're many types of mixes, those called club versions, radio versions, tekno versions, etc. The type of mixing technique I mostly use is one called "maquina" (machine in English) which was primarily developed by Spanish DJ's when creating the first commercial Megamix. Actually, the word Megamix is a copyright of the Spanish label MaxMusic.

A maquina remix is a re-mix of one or more songs with various effects, but primarily using reverberations. A reverberation is the rhythmic repetition of one beat or a multiple of a beat. As you can see in this figure:

Click here to listen this sample

The beat labeled "full beat" is repeated twice using just the first half, then repeated twice again using the first quarter, repeated again twice using the first half and once more, repeated twice using the first quarter.

So if we add up this repetitions or reverberations:


which means that we have three full beats out of the repetition of a fraction of the original beat. As you can see in the figure, I've added the full beat again, after all the reverberation to create a full 4/4 sequence. Click the image above to listen to the piece of music. (You will need an MP3 player to listen to this sample).